Sprinkler Repairs for Existing Clients Only.

Repair Service In Salt Lake County, UT

Over 40 years we have built a great client base of customers whose sprinkling systems we've either installed or taken over maintenance for. We are able to keep our customer satisfaction at a very high level by not taking on repair work on systems we did not install, most times the sprinkler system was not installed correctly to begin with and we just can't fix it. Also we are a small company and our main goal is to install a great sprinkling system, and if any of our customers need a repair we try to get there as soon as possible.

If your sprinkling system gives you nothing but problems every year it's time to upgrade to a new system.

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Disadvantages Of Damaged Sprinklers

It's essential to understand how a faulty sprinkler system affects your house. Your lawn and wallet can be affected by these problems if you don't call a professional to assist you as soon as possible. Damaged sprinklers may have the following effects on your home:

Dead Grass: A sprinkler system may be corrupted and fail to send water to some areas of your yard, resulting in dead grass. If this occurs, brown spots may appear in areas where water is not reaching.

Flooded Yard: If a sprinkler head in your system fails, too much water may be sprayed into your yard. This will result in flooding and excessive watering.

High Water Bills: If your sprinkler system overwaters your lawn, it will show up on your next water bill.

Malfunctioning System: Inefficient sprinkler systems waste a lot of water in order to cover every inch of your grass. A more effective system positions sprinklers correctly to cover your whole yard without wasting water, saving you money

Sprinkler systems of high quality will save you money while providing you with a beautifully watered lawn. When you have a system that works, maintaining the health of your lawn is easy. If you're having problems with your sprinklers, we provide sprinkler maintenance and installation services to solve your problems.

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