Most times this indicates a leaky valve, the system will need to be shut down and the valve will have to be repaired.
This usually tells us that the stop & waste valve is leaking or the pipe/main has a leak. Both instances the system will need to be shut down.
This could mean a handful of things. Here's a checklist to do at home.

1. Turn the sprinklers on that are in that area, check and make sure the sprinklers are spraying correctly.

2.Check the time set on the controller, most of the time, in the middle of summer, people don't put enough minutes per zone on the controller. Add a few minutes and maybe try adding an extra day or two per week to water.

3.Controller/Sprinkler timer- sometimes the controller can be the problem and will have to be reset or replaced.
If you are a customer of ours and we installed your system, or we have worked on your sprinkler system before, we usually try to get there within a day or two. If it's something minor and can wait until we are close to your area, we can generally save you some money on the service call if you can wait. If you are not one of our current customers, we generally don't do repair work; we just don't have the man power to work on others installations. Our current customers and future installation clients are our top priority and we make every effort to maintain our installs. Customer service is a top priority.
Each yard is different, but the average home usually takes us 2 days to complete the full installation. Your yard is very important. We do our very best to get it back to normal. Once we are finished the sprinklers can do their job and the yard comes back within a month with regular maintenance.
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