Sprinkler System Design & Installation Services
for Salt Lake County, UT

We install high-quality sprinkler systems that effectively water your landscape. To ensure that each job is completed correctly, we use high-quality parts and appoint expert installation technicians. Every sprinkler system is guaranteed to meet the needs of each customer. We install in both commercial and residential yards, new and old. If you already have sod in your yard, we'll make sure it stays that way. The installation process can be a messy work, but our professional technicians do an excellent job of cleaning up your landscape once it's finished. Each landscape is unique, and we have over 40 years of sprinkler experience to assist you.

Design - Our main goal is to collect all information from our clients and process it so that the end result is exactly what they want.

Our team of technicians is ready to install a sprinkler system for you, but we do have clients who want plans drawn up and parts ordered every now and then. We're here to assist you in every way we can.

Front Lawn Sprinkler Design & Installation by Bonneville Sprinkling
Back Lawn Sprinkler Design & Installation by Bonneville Sprinkling
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Sprinkler Replacements

If you already have a sprinkler system but it is broken or needs to be replaced, we will install a new one for you. Here are a few signs that your device is broken and needs to be repaired or replaced:

Dead Grass: If your lawn isn't receiving enough water, your sprinkler device may be malfunctioning. Your grass can turn brown, which can be a distressing sight to see on your lawn.

Dead Grass
Flooded Yard

Flooded Yard: One of the most common sprinkler problems is flooding. A broken sprinkler head will spray water all over your lawn, causing it to become overwatered.

Higher Water Bills: If you have flooding in your yard, it will affect your water bill. Any of the water that has leaked out will be counted as water used for the month.

Higher Water Bills

Nobody wants to deal with higher costs or lawn damage as a result of a malfunctioning sprinkler system. It's critical to have a system in place that will save you money on water while still allowing you to monitor the watering schedule. To get started, give us a call at 801-561-8800.

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